* L A V E N D E R * Last of the flowers and the bees

Hello, as you can see I have been harvesting Lavender and I am wild with the scent of it! I was accompanied by the last of the thrifty bees who were sucking the remaining drops of scented nectar from the flowers, while I gathered basket-fulls of the ancient herb.

  Lavender cutting continued  Having a good sniff

After about a week of air-drying beside the Aga I have now begun to collect the flower heads. Each head harbours a pungent aromatic smell… It is safe to say my home is engulfed in the stuff.

By the end of my cutting I had filled my basket about ten times over... And still lots more to cut about the grounds!
By the end of my cutting I had filled my basket about ten times over… And still lots more to cut about the grounds!

I was interested to find out that Lavender has been used for thousands of years for its medicinal properties. Lavender was thought to aid many ailments by the Ancient Greeks. Today it has been discovered that lavender has naturally occurring antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that would have certainly given some ability to heal poor health.

Cutting Lavender         Butterfly getting the last of the nectar

The Ancient Egyptians also used lavender as a perfume, not just for disguising bad odors, but also for its alluring properties. Legend has it that Cleopatra wore lavender oil to seduce both Julius Caesar and Mark Antony…

Batch one of Lavender cutting

Lavender by Door
A couple of bunches hanging up to air-dry outside my kitchen door
Hanging Lavender
More air-drying over the heap of logs that should keep us going for a few weeks… If its not too cold!

I, on the other hand, am using dried Lavender to make potpourris for Christmas presents. They should be perfect little gifts for the knicker-draw!

Next week I hope to show you some examples of my hand-made potpourris gifts. Bye for now, I better be getting on with my Sloes!





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