Hello, yet another week has flown by and it is blogging time again!

The days are subtly shortening and the fire places more frequently lit. The mornings are slower to rouse my sleeping body as a grainy light sifts though my curtains.

I have a collection of photos that document the patterns, textures, layers, forms and colours that have caught my eye over a period of time. The photos capture aspects of the grounds and farm that are routinely overlooked. Some of the photos pose questions about the existence of urban decay amongst thriving nature. I discovered a visual communication that exists between the two, whereupon a collaborative beauty appears. Both man-made and natural formations and patterns are reflected in each other. For example a tangle of wire reminded me of a spider web and some tractor parts looked as though it had been designed from the body parts of an insect.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and please feel free to comment in the box below!


A window with in a window All Sorts Barbed Wire IvyBricks Caterpillar Back Cobbles Cottage Window Floor pattern Gardening Tools Grids Home

Mishmash Natural textureOld Door Once upon...  Open Window Redundant Dome Rust Wall Texture Scratching though the GenerationsScaffoldingGrowthTinTwo windows and a Gate Woodland bloomsWires

  1. Really nice post Annie!! I love the photo’s… you should do more stuff like this 🙂

    1. Annie

      Hello Eva,

      Thank you for reading my blog! Glad to hear you enjoyed the photos… I shall endeavour to keep my camera with from now on in.

      I hope Paris is treating you well?

      Would be good to see you when you come back to ireland.

      Annie x

  2. Jenni

    hi Annie,
    Beautiful photos, I am enjoying the blog. See you when you come to help for the Naples trip, would be nice to catch up, Jenni x

    1. Annie

      Hello Jenni,

      Thank you for your support, glad you are enjoying Cow pats and daisy chains!
      I am really enjoying doing it!

      I have been keeping up to date with your Sow with the flow projects on Facebook and would love to see some of the pieces from your group in October.

      See you soon, Annie

  3. Una Ryan

    You obviously have a great eye for shape, form, texture. Keep it up!

    1. Annie

      Hello Una,

      Thank you for your kind words.

      I hope you continue enjoying my blog posts and please feel free to share with friends who you feel might enjoy it too!

      Many Thanks,


  4. kate white

    Hi Annie I really loved all of the photos im loving my photography lessons at school and you have given lots of new ideas! See you soon x

    1. Annie

      Hello Kate,

      I am delighted it has given you some inspiration- after all,that is what art is all about.
      Thanks for your comment and please share the website with your friends!

      See you soon,


  5. Poppy

    Hey Annie
    I love all these photos there so amazing and I love the concept of urban decay and nature Ireland looking beautiful
    Pops x

    1. Annie

      Hi, Poppy

      It is great to hear you found the concept interesting.
      I have been interested in urban decay and nature for a while as they seem to go hand in hand.

      I am really looking forward to spending some quality time with you.


  6. Jose

    Hello! This is good for my vocabulary xD!!
    Really nice pics, I love them all. Greetings!!

    1. Annie


      Thanks so much for reading the post. It is a nice way for you to keep up to date with Butlertown. Jonathan has almost finished the new workshop. I will do a post on that when it is finished so you can see it!

      Hope you enjoy future posts!

      Many Thanks,


  7. Alison

    Dave and I think these photos are great – you’ve for a good eye Annie x

    1. Annie

      Hello Alison and Dave!

      It is great to know you guys are following my blog.

      Thanks for the kind words and I hope you continue enjoying future posts!

      Many Thanks,


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