Dear friends,

I am happy to say has just celebrated it’s 2nd anniversary last weekend, today’s post makes a grand total of 33. I hope this blog continues to entice you, the reader for years to come. Thank you for supporting my blog and communicating your own reactions and feelings to posts. Your comments keep me inspired!

Yesterday can only be described as an extract from the blissfully simple meanderings of dear Ratty and Mole in Wind and the Willows. Everything about the day was stripped bare to its most organic and innocent core. On occasion one must absorb a feeling of this naive contentment. A pellucid air filled ones lungs and relaxed the muscles. The ticking of the mind slowed down as though Puck had decanted a drug as we lay on the riverbank.

One had finally been greeted with a gentle kiss on the forehead from elusive Summer herself as if to reassure the child within, successfully making one feel one had not been forgotten.

Nature ardently communicated in clear layman’s terms that the only point of life was ‘life’. The River Wye- a living, breathing organ of the world, birthing bugs, ducklings, cygnets and great scores of fingerlings (baby fish). No doubt many more billions of organisms joined me in the muddied water. As I swam, my body gave way to the nudging current of the river. An invigorating osmosis occurred between the river and one’s anatomy where upon the energy of the river dispelled some numbness within.

The fingerlings stay to the shallows, where the water was safe, warm and mellow. They found some entertainment in nibbling one’s feet until it tickled and large fish heaved themselves boastfully out into the open air for a fly from time to time- the fisherman’s pride waning all the while.

The breeze was barely able to rouse the damp, weighted, locks of my curling hair. Droplets careered down my flesh like tears; only today there was no hint of sombreness. The river water was cooling yet warm, not one goose bump to be found on the plains of one’s own skin.

The Sun began to set as the world continued to rotate, mirroring the cycle of life. The day was ending. A swallow skimmed off the river’s reflection and one thought to one’s self ‘too soon shall the swallow return to Africa and too soon shall the peace of this day expire’.

I leave you with a quote that sums everything I have expressed to you in a nutshell.

The air was swollen with music, shouting, and something I could not quite place- a feeling of happiness, but happiness with an edge, a sense of joy that was all the more meaningful because it was so fleeting.”

             Chelsey Philpot, Even in Paradise

Thank you for reading and please do share your thoughts and comments in the box below. Below are some pictures of the River Wye and some of my latest art pieces.



” What you burnt, broke, and tore is still in my hands. I am the keeper of fragile things and I have kept of you what is indissoluble”- Aanis Nin
  1. Good to read Annie and to know you are flourishing.

    1. Annie

      Dear Patricia,

      I hope Ireland has had it’s fair share of fine weather so as to make the Sea waters inviting!?

      Thank you for supporting me and my blog.

      It is a great joy for me to have the ability to share moments with people near and far.

      It was lovely to see some pictures a few children with their clay works from one of your recent Potters classes the other day. Keep up the fab work!


  2. Kathie Pierro

    Always look forward to these because your descriptions contain your soul’s feeling at the time. We can see and feel it all. To me a real gift. So glad for you and me too as I’m privileged to be a part of it.

    1. Annie

      Dear Kathie,

      It is so wonderful to know I can transport you to my environment and indeed to a part of my soul for a moment through words.

      I hope the inspiration for the next blog post is looming around the corner.

      Many Thanks for your support- it means so much to me.


  3. Anna Skrine

    A most beautiful piece of writing Annie – so evocative of all that is wonderful about a blissful Summer’s day…

    1. Annie

      Hello Anna,

      You have always been so encouraging and I thank you for all the times you edited my posts!

      Not always an easy task haha!

      Lots of Love xx

  4. Abi

    Hi darling, love this, sounds luscious! Love the look of the new art work as well. Hopefully see you soon. All my love xxxxx

    1. Annie

      Dear Abi,

      I was thinking of you this morning!
      I am getting a portfolio of work ready for a gallery in Hay. Feeling under pressure but its a good productive feeling 🙂
      Hope your having some quality time with friends?

      See you when your back from your adventure.

      Much love,


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