Hello, it has been a little over a week since my last post. I am glad to say the delay has been due to my having a hectic and joyful time. Last weekend, I was back in my ‘homeland’ (the UK) for Grandad-Norfolk’s wedding. By the way, Grandad-Norfolk is a pretty self-explanatory nickname my siblings gave our Grandad who lives in Norfolk. It was really very special to be in the presence of the love of two people who had had so much life experience. And with their individual life experiences came lots of family and many Grandchildren…

Altogether there were sixteen of us Grandchildren, from ages three to twenty-four. I expect it was a rather contemporary opportunity to be at our Grandparents’ Wedding, yet one – I hope – shall become not uncommon. Before the big day I was unsure what to expect. I was very happy that Grandad-Norfolk had found someone he could enjoy and love in his next passage of life. However, I was totally unprepared for the romance that appeared to me between the two lovers in their late seventies during their wedding ceremony.

The only way I can describe to you how I felt – or ‘envisioned’ – this romance, is as if it were a dragonfly. The subtle fluttering of its fragile wings hovered around the room whilst undulating between the guests. I was lucky enough for the dragonfly to land on my skin for some moments where upon I was touched greatly. I was thrilled to be a part of this celebration in which Grandad-Norfolk and Hazel lay out their rights to love and be happy in life for all to see.

Weddings are a great opportunity for families to congregate in one place. I relished this unique time I had to reach out to the family members I had drifted away from in the past few years. I was able to reengage my roots with aunts, uncles, cousins and even siblings. Not only did I reconnect with family, but during the celebrations I also gained more family members whom I value greatly!

When it was time to come back to Ireland I was glad to return home – to my little nest. Not long after adjusting to reality, my childhood friend Abi arrived in Wexford. Yesterday was our first day together in yonks.

Abi and myself on a Gondola in Venice 07

It was effortless and unrevised, as our conversation flowed. Gradually, we became our long-lost younger selves – it was just too tempting. The fun we used to have together, realising the power and beauty of our youthful femininity. Anyway, now in our mid-twenties, the mood became very excitable and amorous for life. So we decided that there was only one way to celebrate this friendship. It had to be slightly silly, fun, scary and just a tad ‘naughty’… Soon we found ourselves simultaneously having our belly buttons pierced.

My Birthday meal out for my 17th... We thought we were ultra sophisticated!!
My Birthday meal out for my 17th… We thought we were ultra sophisticated!!
Abi's 18th Birthday- while her Dad gives a speech!
Abi’s 18th Birthday- while her Dad gives a speech!

belly buttons

A day later and we keep looking at our jeweled belly buttons – like children looking down at their new shoes! It will be something I will always remember doing with my dear friend Abi.

For me there is something mystic and yet wholly organic about both romantic friendships and childhood friendships that I hope will fill me with joy for all my life!

If today’s post has sparked something for you, please feel free to share it with me in the comments box below. One of my favorite parts about writing a blog is the interaction I can have with my readers. Bye for now.

  1. Alison

    What a lovely post Annie, although I’m not sure I approve of the belly-button piercings.
    Keep them clean won’t you….as a microbiologist I’ve seen the results of ones that people have not looked after!

    1. Annie

      Thank you Alison,

      Indeed we know we need to be responsible for our navels now they have been pierced… I am sure you have seen many a manky pricing that would have put me off for life!

      Keep an eye out for next weeks post 🙂

      Annie x

  2. The Godfather

    Annie Driver – my daughter has come back with some additional bits of metal and I believe that you may be the instigator? Hmph. Still love you though GodD x

    1. Annie

      Dear Godfarther,

      I am sorry to see my last post may have caused you some unexpected grief! I take full responsibility- It did make a good post story and we did it as a symbol of our ever lasting friendship (the belly button bling)… No hurt was intended haha

      Please let me make it up to you by allowing me to entertain you in Ireland (metal free) when suits you 🙂

      Lots of love x

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