I wish you a Happy Easter before my journey back to Yorkshire for fun and frolics with my six other siblings; who are all no doubt awaiting (rightly or wrongly) the Easter Bunny. Over the next week we shall celebrate four family birthdays among the Easter frenzy. We shall toast our glasses to Spring and New Life!

I have a little Easter gift for you, in the form of pictures and two short videos. I want to say thank you for all the support you give me here at I hope to keep your valuable following by continuing to post interesting and creative insights into my life lived in Ireland.

So please take a moment and relax while you explore these images of flowers growing in the garden and of the local beach I often go to during the sunnier months.

As you will see my uncle and I enjoy a spot of beach combing together during his visits. We find all sorts of oddities. Some nice things, some unpleasant things and once we found a real treasure- some money. Beach combing forces me to read, the beach in a different way, I look for trails and information, which might lead to greater things, as you may see from the pictures.

Please click on the links below to view the videos:

The Sea Stops for No-one

   Bird Song

I hope you have found today’s post a bit of a treat?

What are you planning for your Easter jollities this year?

I love interacting with my readers so please feel free to leave a comment in the box below and please share this with friends and family you think might enjoy this post.

In the next post find out about a lamb called ‘Lucky’!

  1. Sophie

    These photos are really beautiful the photography and the beach and wildlife is stunning x

    1. Annie

      Thank you Sophie for your comment,
      I am glad you enjoy the photos.

      I always make sure I have my ‘old-fashioned’ digital camera with me so I can share my environment with you.
      Soon I hope to show you the Barn Jonathan is doing up and some of the work we are doing on it.

      Hope you have a lovely Easter Holiday,

      Annie x

  2. Kate

    Loved watching and listening to the beautiful waves 🌊

    1. Annie

      Thank you Kate for your comment,
      I will try to include more videos in my posts in the future.
      I have been thinking about filming the bird feeder as it is bursting with bird life!

      Hope you enjoy the rest of your Easter holidays,

      Annie xxxxx

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