The Family Sheep out in the field... As you can see I am out in the sticks!
The Family Sheep out in the field… As you can see I am out in the sticks!

Hello, I write this post as the sounds of lambs and bird song resonate through my open window, which I wish I could share with you! This is my first blog and the first of many posts to come (I hope)! I can tell you it feels equally exciting for me, as it is daunting. It feels like a huge white, blank canvas- clinical and perfect and I must add something impressive to it. I researched some advice for writing ‘your’ first blog post and it said: “it may help to begin a post by imagining you are writing a letter to a close friend.” Here goes…


It is astonishing to think that I have been living in Ireland for two years already. Two summers ago I hopped across the ‘pond’ with the ideals of a loved up 22 year old along with the contents of my student house (this took x2 car trips).


I am only now, just beginning to weave my thread into what feels like an expansive, delicate tapestry that I was little prepared for. Moving a country in my opinion is a strange and ever changing process that will be a life-long challenge.


Leaving my roots was the hardest of all. It was inevitable that my moving would create a physical and emotional distance between me and my wonderful family and friends (I hope this blog might make the distance a little smaller!).


Re-sewing my-self in a new environment forces me to try to find equilibrium. I have to find a balance that nourishes my own desires and respects the setting I now inhabit. This is easier

In my elements...Helping to hand rear a lamb on the farm
In my elements…Helping to hand rear a lamb on the farm in 2014

said than done yet I have begun a process that has been and will continue to be enriching, mysterious and on occasions down right tough! I believe Ireland can become my oyster with the support from my nearest and dearest and the help from my new Irish friendships.


  1. Poppy

    Welldone for creating an inspiring and welcoming first post! Can’t wait to see what will come next xxx

    1. cowpatsa_annie

      Thank you for the encouraging words… It is always good to have my sister on board! It will be fun to share some of the stories we have from your recent visit! Hope you enjoy the blog and please feel free to share with your friends 🙂

  2. Katie

    annie, so lovely to meet you at Iseult’s hen and so looking forward to seeing you in 10 days at the wedding!

    The blog is great – looking forward to all your posts! Fab idea!

    Katie x

    1. cowpatsa_annie

      Katie, thanks for taking a look already! It is great to know you will be looking out for my next posts… We have so much happening here on the farm I hope to get some good pictures to share with you. Really excited about the wedding, see you there. Annie x

  3. Wendy

    What a lovely and inspiring start to blogging!

    1. cowpatsa_annie

      Wendy, Thanks so much for taking an interest! I hope to post something every week. Keep intouch x

  4. Hannah

    Enjoyed that first read – looking forward to the next x

    1. cowpatsa_annie

      Thank you Hannah, Should be some exciting stuff in the next few weeks with the country side blossoming in the summer sun. It would be good to see you if you are in Ireland any time soon? x

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