It has been a little while since I last wrote a post. I must say it feels rather comforting to have finally found the time to steal away with one’s pen and begin to write again. I suspect the log fire I have just made is also playing a part in giving me this lovely feeling!

As I peer outside, I watch the naked trees being bullied this way and that way by the forceful gale. I notice that the wind has a particular appetite for teasing the helpless fallen leaves. Like a mass of energetic six year olds a more than playful wind, kicks and tosses every leaf that can be found in the graying sky. Weightless and out of control the leaves manage to stay together like a school of fish, frantically trying to survive a whirlpool in the restless ocean. And then suddenly the wind gets bored and the leaves drop like lead resting on the ground, but only for a moment or two.

Having come just come in from the large drafty barn I am fully aware of the humbug wind that is testing all our spirits! I have been in the garden collecting Holly, Ivy and Bay Tree leaves. You see, yesterday I became inspired to make my own Christmas Wreath after seeing how expensive and unappealing (to my mind) the fake wreaths were. After gathering a huge bin bag full of vegetation I went on the hunt for tools and materials I thought one might need to make a wreath in the barn.

Over the years I have found many a useful and interesting thing in the barn.  Today it came up trumps and just happened to have what I needed: wire, plastic cable ties and a pair of pliers. Today I relied upon my own practical and creative input to make my Wreath, however if you fancy making one yourself I am sure YouTube is bursting with lots of fabulous guides for you to choose from if you are not comfortable to just let your creative juices flow!

Here are some pictures of the process.

Wire Circle Setting the scene Playing with form and shape In the Barn: Workshop Almost finished All it needs now... Adding Feathers Final Christmas Wreath Log Fire and Christmas Wreath

My Christmas Wreath was well worth the effort, and it was worth all the pricks in my hands from the holly (I should have worn gloves!). I hope the festive season brings you, a moment to steal away and be creative… Even if it is wrapping presents! Bye for now.

  1. Sara

    Annie I love your blogs ! Alison and Abi introduced me to them earlier this year.
    Have a peace filled holiday – and thank you for sharing your tales of life in rural Ireland.

    1. Annie


      Thank you for getting in touch, so glad you are enjoying my blog. I am back in Yorkshire with my family for Christmas. I hope 2016 brings many creative inspirations for future post ideas!

      Merry Christmas and keep in touch, Annie

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