As we edge ever nearer to the 12th day of Christmas, I felt today was an apt moment to undress our guest the Christmas Tree. On the 10th of December I picked it myself down the avenue. I just about managed to saw it down, then assemble it in our home. In the past month the Christmas Tree has taken up a significant amount of space.

There was nothing else for us to do but remould our lives around it. It has managed to mesmerise ‘Kitty’ the new addition to the farm, as she explored the lights, baubles and bells for the first time. The Tree also guarded the gifts and it always managed to light the way to bed after a festive hooley/night out!

As I plucked the decorations off the branches I felt the Tree loose some it’s character. The needles dropped one by one as if sensing it’s time was nigh. Strange as it may seem, I began to feel the way one does when seeing an old friend off on a train. And so with that the room is back to normal and we resume our regular way of living until next time.

We have been entertaining guests, and have been entertained during the festivities, and cooking for what looked like a small army most nights. It is only now I have been able to sit back and see the expanding road of 2016 before me. It is an exciting and promising year and I feel determined to make the most of my rural location and share what I can with you in the coming months.

Happy New Year from Annie at

This is Kitty, the new addition to the farm…

This is Kitty who was found on a near by road. She was abandoned with six siblings and a close to starving mother. The Kittens that have survived have found new homes and Kitty stayed with us. She loves the warmth from the Aga and enjoys spending time inside my hood- it is rather like a papoose, I can go about my daily tasks as she doses off. We look forward to the years ahead with her!

kitty by the Agakitty in a hood

  1. Poppy

    aw little kitty cute I totally feel the sadness of the tree aswell xx happy new year (abit late I know)

    1. Annie

      Hi Poppy,

      Thanks for your comment. It is nice to know people recognise some of the feelings I talk about in my posts. The mornings are starting to get lighter and this makes a world of difference to me.

      Thanks for your support and I hope you keep enjoying reading my posts.


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